About Farming




Faming is a branch in agriculture. The two terms, farming and agriculture, are often used interchangeably. For a proper definition, farming is the science and art of cultivating the soil, of growing and harvesting crops, and of raising animals.

The first known evidence of people growing plants and raising domestic animals can be traced back to about 10,000 years ago. Gradually, over time, farming made living in one place feasible, as opposed to moving to find food. Furthermore, it encouraged innovations in farming tools, and paved the road for a dramatic increase in population as food became more abundant. Food was no longer the limiting factor in many areas of the world. However, it is undeniable that each and every civilization, dating back to the earliest period of history we have information about, all the way to present time, has had the ability to grow plants and raise animals with intention of feeding a larger group of people.

In the world of mythology, agriculture arrived as a gift from the gods. In many of these recollection, a god or goddess came down in order to instruct the people about growing plants and raising animals.

In the present day, when most people think about farming, they probably picture a rugged man dressed in dirty overalls with a tractor by his side. Although this image is widespread today, it is outdated and not precise. In the past two decades, agriculture has undergone several changes. Now, farmers are adopting new and improved technologies that allow them to produce a greater amount of food in order to feed a greater number of people.





In the eyes of many, the world in agriculture is undergoing a revolution. Many believe that the agricultural revolution from the 1800s has not ended. Others believe the world is undergoing a new, independent revolution.

Whatever the case, it is crucial to note that faring is an essential part of all civilizations. If a civilization is to exist and prosper, efficient farming is necessary.

Different methods and tools will be used to farm as time progresses and society develops. However, farming will always have the same goal: to produce food in order to feed a large number of people. However this is achieved can and will vary from one period in time to the next. As time progresses, however, these methods become more efficient.

It is also important to note that famers tend to love their jobs as they have one of the highest job satisfaction ratings in all industries. Farming is normally in the family as land is passed own through generations. For more information about farmers and their jobs, visit the several pages under the category “Farming” located on the menu bar.