Cordless Black and Decker Electric Mower spcm1936

Black and Decker Electric Mower

Black and Decker Electric Mower

Power (Battery)






        Mower Design


          Warranty and Support



            • - Easy to fold and store
            • - Durable and solid
            • - Easy to change form mulch to bag
            • - Very quiet
            • - Great consistency of cutting


            • - Too heavy
            • - Wheels may wear out
            • - Lead-acid battery is too heavy and not as effective

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            The Cordless Black and Decker Electric Mower spcm1936

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            Ranking: 9.5/10

            Cost: $400

            Weight (including battery): 85 pounds

            Battery Weight: 24 pounds

            Voltage: 36 V

            Deck: 19 inches, 3 in 1 (mulching, bagging, rear discharging)

            Average Battery Run-Time:  80 minutes

            Battery Charge Time: 120 minutes

            Battery Type: Lead-acid

            Storage: Can be folded to store

            Comments: The cordless Black and Decker Electric Lawn Mower exceeded our expectations as it is a high quality mower. It is an extremely quiet mower, which is a big plus since you can mow your lawn whenever you wish without bothering the neighbors. Some major pluses for this Black and Decker mower are its folding and handling mechanisms, which most of its users rave about. Other features we noticed and users enjoyed were the battery charge indicator and the improvement of the wheels. They are now thicker and larger, allowing for better overall control of the electric mower.

            Another slight but very favorable feature this black and decker electric mower has is a simple toggle that allows you to switch from mulch to bagging. This is a major advancement for many users who tend to switch between the two.

            Overall: the black and decker electric mower feels more solid and user-friendly. Very durable. A very high-quality mower. Advantage over a gas mower is that you do not have to deal with all the maintenance, gas, and oil. If you have a medium to small lawn, this mower is a perfect option for you! Battery lasts a little over an hour for each charge. If you need longer to mow, you can always carry two batteries and change when one runs out. After a year or so of usage, the battery lasts about an hour per charge, so not a significant decline and overall a very solid battery.

            Dislikes, user complains: Definitely not as powerful as a gas powered lawn mower, but if you only have a small or medium sized lawn that is mainly flat, this mower is all you need.

            Also, at roughly 90 pounds, the black and decker electric mower is slightly on the heavy side, making it a little difficult to control at times, especially if you have a hillier lawn.

            Furthermore, the battery, at over 20 pounds, is extremely heavy compared to those of other battery operated lawn mowers. The black and decker electric mower has a very heavy battery, and this may cause an inconvenience if you plan to transport the battery a lot. The battery run-time is relatively average when compared to other cordless mowers.

            The wheels are also not as durable as they could be – after a year or two of usage, the wheels might wear out if not taken care of properly.

            Overall: Definitely recommend buying. We did not give this black and decker electric mower a rating of 8.9/10 for no reason! A top battery operated lawn mower, no doubt. It has its weaknesses as described above, but if you think the weaknesses will not be major factors for your usage, the Black and Decker Electric Mower spcm1936 is a great buy! We recommend this mower for people who have relatively small lawns (less than a third of an acre) that are mainly flat. Also, since it is heavy, it may be hard for kids and the elders to control.

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