Ego Power Plus Mower: Ego Lawn Mower Review

Ego Power Plus Mower: Ego Lawn Mower Review


Power (Battery)






        Mower Design


          Warranty and Support



            • - LED headlights for evening trim
            • - Fast battery charge time
            • - Top-notch comfort level
            • - High voltage = smoother cut
            • - Excellent warranties


            • - Not the best with long grass
            • - Shortish battery runtime

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            Ego Power Plus Mower Review

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            Ranking: 9.3/10

            Cost: $450

            Weight (including battery): 59 pounds

            Battery Weight: 3 pounds

            Voltage: 56 V

            Deck: 20 inches

            Average Battery Run-Time:  45 minutes

            Battery Charge Time: 45 minutes

            Battery Type: Lithium-ion

            Storage: Compact, upright storage


            Overall, an excellent electric mower. The Ego Power Plus Mower is fantastic in almost every regard. One thing that stood out to us was its comfort and ease to use. The handler cushion, pushing the button to stat, and its easiness to fold and carry make controlling the mower and mowing your grass a fun task. It is very easy to fold and store. Its lightweight nature also allows it to be lifted high with relative ease.

            Not to mention the Ego Power Plus Mower has LED headlights, which many customers rave about. They allow for mowing in the evening, when it cools out.

            The Ego mower is nearly as powerful as a gas powered lawnmower, but much quieter and requires much less maintenance. The benefit of the side discharge is also an excellent added feature. When you use it, you would not even have to empty the bag! Not many electric mowers have this feature, but the Ego Power Plus Mower does, and it is a feature you should definitely take advantage of if you decide on this mower. Not only does the trimmed grass provide rich fertilizer for your lawn, but also it makes your job mowing easier!

            While the Ego Power Plus Mower is very lightweight, it is also very durable and strong – by no means flimsy. At about 60 pounds, the lawnmower exhibits a world class combination of control and power.

            Its 56 volt battery allows for a stronger torque and therefore a smoother cut. The 56 volts battery is higher than most other batteries. Many costumers also loved the rapid charge of the battery – it only takes 30-45 minutes to fully charge it! Because the battery is a lithium-ion battery, it tends to last longer and is very lightweight – only 3 pounds!

            User Complaints of the Ego Power Plus Mower

            While nearly impeccable, the Ego Power Plus Mower does have a few minor downfalls. For instance, the battery runtime is merely average at 45 minutes. Customers did not view this as a problem, though. Generally, if your lawn is 1/3 of an acre or less, you will be able to trim your grass on one charge. However, it would be nice if the battery runtime was slightly longer to accommodate for slightly larger lawns and to allow for more time to mow the lawn.

            Also, if you plan on using the Ego Power Plus Mower for several years, it will be necessary to purchase a replacement battery every 2-3 years, depending on how you maintain the battery. Its battery is actually relatively cheap compared to others, at around $100.

            Another area for improvement for the Ego Power Plus Mower is its side discharge feature. While this feature is great, it occasionally leaves clumps of grass not evenly spread. Not a major problem, but it is an area where Ego can improve for its next edition.

            Lastly, another shortcoming of the Ego Power Plus Mower is long grass. When grass gets too long, this electric lawnmower struggles a little. It’s not that the mower cannot trim long grass, it’s just that you will have a slightly harder time doing so. Same with hilly terrain – if you have a very hilly lawn, this mower may not be for you. That being said, no electric mower should be used with hilly terrain; they are just not powerful enough! If you have really hilly terrain, you should look to the gas powered lawnmowers instead.


            In final, if you have a mostly flat lawn that is less than 1/3 of an acre, the Ego Power Plus Mower is perfect for you and the Ethical GMO team completely recommends it. It is not ranked number 1 in battery operated lawn mowers for no reason! Its price is also very reasonable. While the competition was tense, this electric mower was a clear-cut and unanimous decision for the number one slot. It is the best battery operated, cordless lawn mower you will find.



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