Kobalt 40v Mower Review

Kobalt 40v Mower

Kobalt 40v Mower

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        Mower Design


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            • - Consistent all-around polymer mower
            • - Comes with 2 batteries
            • - Very lightweight - easy to maneuver
            • - Excellent battery performance


            • - Not the best with trimming the edges
            • - Not self-propelled
            • - Safe start mechanism is a lever which can be a little difficult to operate

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            Kobalt 40v Mower Review

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            Ranking: 8.6/10

            Cost: $400

            Weight (including battery): 45 pounds

            Battery Weight: 2 pounds (comes with 2 batteries)

            Voltage: 40 V

            Deck: 20 inches

            Average Battery Run-Time:  65 minutes

            Battery Charge Time: 120 minutes

            Battery Type: Lithium-ion

            Storage: Compact, upright storage


            Overall, a very consistent mower. The top four mowers we have reviewed have all been very close in terms of quality, although the Ego Mower Plus has been a clear number one. The Kobalt 40v mower really has no major weaknesses and is consistent across all measures.

            One of the advantages the Kobalt 40v mower has is the fact that it utilizes an automatic switchover system, allowing the user to continue mowing without having to stop and change the batteries. The electric mower comes with two batteries, allowing for an extended battery runtime of almost 70 minutes.

            The two batteries of the Kobalt 40v mower are not the same; one is 2-amps while the other is 4-amps. As a result, they do not last the same amount, which may be slightly inconvenient. The 4-amp battery provides roughly 45 minutes while the 2-amp battery provides a little under 30 minutes. That being said, both batteries have differing charge times, but that is not very important since you can charge both batteries at once, and they charge relatively quickly.

            The mower comes with a battery indicator, so you can see how much battery there is left while you are mowing, which is a nice feature to have.

            Since the battery life is on the long side, the Kobalt 40v mower can be used on slightly larger lawns, up to 1/3 and maybe even 1/2 of an acre, depending on how efficient you mow.

            The Kobalt 40v mower automatically senses when the grass is thicker or thinner, and therefore changes the amount of power delivered to the blade. This ensures that you have the correct amount of power, resulting in a very clean, consistent cut.

            The Kobalt 40v mower is an effective, efficient, and powerful electric mower that is guaranteed to give you a clean, consistent trim. The battery operated mower does all of this while requiring very little effort as it is only a total of 45 pounds!

            The electric, battery operated mower also comes with a generous 5-year warranty, but you most likely will never have to use that warranty.

            The Kobalt 40v mower has an excellent mulching option, chopping the grass into smaller pieces and dispersing it relatively consistently to your lawn. This is an important feature to take an advantage of as it results in a healthier, nutrient rich lawn.

            The tough, polymer deck measure 20 inches, which is relatively wide, allowing you to mow with fewer passes, increasing efficiency. However, because of this, the Kobalt 40v mower should be avoided with small, intricate lawns as the deck may be too large.

            User Complaints of the Kobalt 40v Mower

            One downfall of this mower is that it is not self-propelled. However, fortunately, the Kobalt 40v mower is only 45 pounds, so it is very easy to maneuver and control.

            This electric mower also does not have a side discharge feature installed. This should not be a problem as it does have an excellent mulching option that disperses chopped grass consistently throughout your lawn.

            The Kobalt 40v Mower generally does not have many drawbacks. We found it to be a very consistent, high-quality electric mower all around. You can expect to have very few problems and vey few to no complaints with this high-quality, cordless mower.


            In final, if you have a mostly flat lawn that is less than 1/3 of an acre, the Kobalt 40v Mower is a very good option for you and the Ethical GMO team recommends it.

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