Gold Medal: John Deere JS36


Gold Medal: John Deere JS36

Price: $300  – a very reasonable price for a high-quality mower. Definitely worth the price. You will not find a cheaper lawn mower without sacrificing some quality.                                                      Grade: A

Drive: Back-wheel                                                                                Grade: B+

Control: This mower has very good control. Basically, it has a  pivoting top-handle which is extremely easy to control and to use. The mower will  actually move on its own if the top handle is held down. This means that you have to put in less effort to mow your lawn!                                                                                           Grade: A-

Weight: 102 pounds. Slightly on the heavy side, but with its smooth control, you will likely not be able to notice the extra weight. The added weight does make the machine more durable and long-lasting.                       Grade: B

Noise:  It is advertised to have about 90dbA of noise. We did not measure db, but we found that this mower made about average noise compared to others. Not the quietest, but definitely not the loudest. When purchasing this mower, noise should not be a concern at all.                                                                              Grade: B

Commentary/Overall:   This mower is very easy to operate. Extremely user-friendly. The speed at which the mower is going is also very easy to adjust using the top pivoting handle. The makers of this mower all it the MowMentum system, which is just fantastic. Little force needs to be applied to use this mower as there is very small rolling resistance and friction. One thing that stood out to this mower was how easy it was to start. It only required one pull on the string – not a monumental task compared to numerous other mowers. Further, lower and raising the deck was very easy as it only required one pivoting lever. Overall, a very solid mower.

Overall Grade: A

Additional Info: This mower is best suited for lawns with simple cut patterns and not those lawns that require elaborate back-and-forth action. We do not recommend this mower for such intricate lawns as the pivoting top-handle control that this mower incorporates is best suited for lawns with simple patterns. Check it out!


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