Genetically Modified Food Pros and Cons

genetic_engineering_gm_encyclopaediaGenetic engineering has been a a growing field because as technology improves, we humans are continually looking for ways to change genetics and DNA. It is vital for everyone to understand the genetically modified  food pros and cons in society today. A major question about genetic engineering is whether it is an ethical practice or not. This hotly debated issue has been a major cause of conflict throughout the world. Furthermore, because there is very little evidence about genetic engineering, we are all unsure about all the health risks this powerful practice may pose.

Genetically Modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms with genetical material that has been altered using any of a numerous number of techniques. These GMOs are a crucial source of medicine. Genetically modified foods, a type of GMOs, today, are used broadly throughout the world in scientific research and inquiry in order to produce goods to an exponentially growing population. As described in the beginning of this article, the use of these GMOs poses a major ethical dilemma: whether this practice is ethical or not. Also, another dilemma provoked by the use of GMOs is whether consuming such foods may pose a health risk. GMOs have not been around for that long! As a result, scientists do not have conclusive evidence about whether the consumption of these foods poses a health risk in the long run.

While there are many questions being asked about the use of GMOs and the genetically modified food pros and cons, it is obvious that they are extremely prevalent throughout society today. Whether this will come back to haunt us in the future is hotly debated, but for the time being, we must accept GMOs, even if we choose to avoid them. In other words, they are almost unavoidable as many restaurants serve these food products without disclosing that they are genetically altered.

Another area of genetically modified food pros and cons that has caused a lot of debate and tension has been over the labeling of these products. Many argue that when genetically modified foods are sold

In order to educate the world about GMOs, their advantages, their downfalls, the public opinion they generate, their statistics, and our opinion about GMOs, the Ethical GMO team has created a number of pages specifically about GMOs! We hope that you will be able to read through them and form your own opinion about whether the use of GMOs in society today is justified, even without conclusive evidence that they are save.

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