Genetically modified food benefits and advantages

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Genetically Modified Food Benefits

There are many benefits to using genetically engineered crops. It makes life a lot easier on farmers, increases crop yield, and therefore feeds more people. GM crops can even make food taste better! Who does not want to eat healthier and tastier food? In short, there are numerous benefits and advantages to genetically modified foodsHere are some quick facts about GMOs that serve to illustrate the pros of GMOs.

– GM technology has reduced harmful pesticide use by roughly thirty-seven percent. This means that the use of GMOs has been beneficial to the environment and the wildlife. Pesticides flow to bodies of water, harming many living marine creatures. This reduction in pesticides is huge – we are contributing to a better environment. The genetically modified food benefits are vital to a more sustainable environment.

– Crop yield due to GM technology has increased by about twenty-two percent. This is promising, especially in a time when hunger and starvation is prevalent. Using GM technology will allow us to provide food for a greater number of people, limiting starvation and world hunger in the long run.

-Farmer profits have increased by nearly seventy percent. Farmers are among the lowest paid workers for the work they do. Being a farmer is by no means easy, but not very rewarding either. The fact that farmers are able to make more money while feeding more people is a breakthrough development. Productivity is essential for the future of the agricultural field.



As can be seen, the genetically modified food benefits are immense. They create bigger yields which creates more efficient use of the land. Here are some more facts about these interesting products that illustrate the benefits and advantages of genetically modified foods;

– Food has better texture (looks better), better flavor (tastes better), and better nutritional value (is healthier). Who says healthy food cannot taste good? With GMOs, food can have a better nutritional value and taste better at the same time because scientists have greater control over the production of agricultural products.

– Foods produced from GM crops have a longer shelf life, making for easier distribution. Grocery stores can keep inventory loaded and shoppers will have no problem finding the items they need. Furthermore, less food will be wasted as a result of expiration.This fact is monumental as it is the key to world hunger. The world produces more than enough food to feed all 7 billion people. However, millions of people are dying of starvation. How can this be? The answer is the distribution of food is very difficult given the time that food goes bad in. If food can las longer, humanitarian groups will have more time to deliver food to communities around the world that need it. Furthermore, Customers will have a longer time to eat the food they purchase. This makes possible purchasing more of an item resulting in less grocery trips and less gas use!

-GMOs can create a vital and sustainable method to feed the world. We can end world hunger!

-More productive farm animals – animals can yield more with a lower cost.

– GMOs may reduce the environmental impact that food production and industrial processes currently pose. This occurs by the use of less chemicals and insecticides, less fertilizers, leading to a healthier farm, healthier farmers, and healthier industrial workers. A healthier environment in general.

– Rehabilitation of land that is damaged or not as fertile. Cropland, especially in the developing world, has become saline as a result of unsustainable irrigation practices. GMs can provide varieties that are salt-tolerant. This is also another key to ending world hunger. Thousands of communities around the world suffer from hunger because the land is not suitable to grow crops. As a result, these communities have to depend on importation of food products from other parts of the world. As discussed earlier, food distribution is complicated and difficult, so many of the people in these communities suffer from starvation.



The list is long, and there is more to add. Many people view these benefits of GMOs as opportunities that cannot and should not be wasted because of the minimal disadvantages that come with GMOs. GM crops may bring relief from world hunger and may bring other benefits as well. It is up to the supporters to convince the people against GMOs to take advantage of using these products. However, there also arises problems. To see the public’s opinion and to read about the harms about GMOs, there is more information here to read about. On the menu bar, under the category “GMO info,” you till be able to read more about this controversial and intriguing topic.

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